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Use My 3 Best Tips to Avoid & Remove Spyware ...


CNN recently reported that over 90% of all Internet users worldwide have some form of spyware on their PC's right now. Therefore, it is crucial that you take prevent your PC from becoming infected..

Below are some tips on how you can avoid getting Spyware on your PC.

If you follow these,
you stand an extremely high chance of keeping your PC clean and disinfected.

Top Tip #1: Keep Microsoft Windows Updated...

Many users are still not quite sure why it is necessary to download software updates on a regular basis. Security holes in software products are *regularly* discovered, and must be fixed by the software maker, through updates.

Well, in the case of Microsoft windows (your operating system), it's *vital* that you keep it updated, since most attacks take advantage of security flaws that have been already fixed in the latest updates.

You can update your PC here: Microsoft Security Update

It is critical that you download these types of updates in order to combat certain loop holes in their security system.

Top Tip #2: Be Wary Of Installing Dubious Software...

This is very hard to follow - apart from using your own judgement of a site (it's design, credibility etc).

However, a much more reliable way is to have an anti-spyware program running in the background which can detect and remove spyware automatically. See top tip #3.

Top Tip #3: Automate The Process of Detecting & Removing Spyware...

If you want to be 99.9% safe when using the Internet, the best way is to use an anti-spyware software product which will automatically detect and remove spyware, keeping you fully protected.

Many users believe that you can remove spyware problems and threats using anti-virus software, but this is not true! Anti-virus software is designed purely to detect viruses, not spyware - the 2 are very different.

In Summary:

Make sure you keep you Microsoft Windows updated in order to fix the numerous security flaws that Windows contains.

Be very cautious of downloading files / software from web sites. However, 99% of spyware threats can be automatically detected by having an anti-spyware product running in the background.

Use an anti-spyware product to automatically protect yourself from spyware. We at spywareremoversolution.com highly recommend XoftSpySE to remove 99% of spyware and adware.

Many customers have been delighted with the results - try it for yourself below.

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