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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you whenever you are on the Internet regularly is to pick up spyware programs along the way. Not only do you have problems with these programs that result in pop-up windows and your computer slowing down to a crawl, there is a danger that is lurking in the background.

Many of these programs watch for personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers and then pass this information along to people who will use it to their own advantage. That is the reason why we look at anti-spyware programs, and AdwareBot seem to be one that was popular among the masses. Keep reading to find out what we discovered when we ran it through our own testing process.

Actual User Feedback:

"I immediately saw an increase in my computers performance"
Actual User Comment from squidoo.com

"AdwareBot is also designed for beginners - so it's fairly simple to use"
Actual User Comment from spyware-removal4u.com

"perfectly safe to install and use"
Actual User Comment from softpedia.com

"best program I have ever used"
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers


What it Claims to Do:

The core of the AdwareBot program is a free download that scans your computer in the background for anything that it may have picked up along the way. The list of the things that the program is able to recognize is quite large, and it really leaves nothing out which could harm your computer.

One of the interesting things about this software is the fact that it automatically updates with new spyware definitions regularly. Since spyware is constantly changing and new programs are always out in the wild, it is important to make sure that whatever anti-spyware program you're using is able to keep up to date. AdwareBot is a program that does this for you.

What it Actually Does:

We were extremely happy with the performance of AdwareBot on a number of different levels. First of all, we did not notice any significant system slow down whenever the software was scanning the computer in the background. We knew that the scan would take a little while because of the amount of spyware that we had packed onto our test computer. We were surprised that it was able to go through the files quickly and provide us with a full list of the problems that were on the computer.

After the initial cleans of the computer, we rebooted and noticed an immediate boost in system performance. Not only did windows load faster, it was also able to open and close programs smoothly and we were able to surf the Internet without all of the pop-up windows and choppy system behavior. As a final test, we downloaded a few programs that we knew were infected with spyware and AdwareBot was able to recognize them and block them from installing.


Although there are a lot of different programs that you can choose from whenever it comes to the anti-spyware that you're going to use, AdwareBot is certainly one that we would recommend keeping toward the top of the list. Not only was it able to clean our computer effectively, it did not provide us with any false positives which would indicate that it was a rogue program of its own. Our test computer is running better as a result of it, and we are confident that your computer will run better as well.

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