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Paretologic's Anti-Spyware product is an updated and more advanced version of its other product XoftSpySE. The most important difference is that Anti-Spyware comes with real-time monitoring, customized monitoring settings and it does not miss the difficult threats, which can be overlooked by XoftSpySE.

Actual User Feedback:

"pleasure to use, its features and interface look very good, and the amount of system resources it uses is decent."
Actual User Comment from softpedia.com

"A beautiful user interface, decent feature selection, and blazing fast scanning"
Actual User Comment from adwarereport.com

"The program looks nice, installs and uninstalls easily and is fairly easy to use."
Actual User Comment from download.com

"This revolutionary anti-spyware program was created by the industry's top spyware experts in order to protect your computer and your privacy, "
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers


What it Claims to Do:

A simple look at the Paretologic website will show you that they are not short on claims. Not only do they give you a detailed analysis of exactly what spyware is, but they let you know exactly how they would get rid of it and keep it gone from your computer for the long term.

This software claims to be effective at getting rid of almost any type of spyware, even those that are elusive of the most popular antivirus programs. As a matter of fact, it can be considered an extension of these programs in many instances. Not only is it able to get rid of ad ware and spyware, it can also identify Trojans and look for problems within the Windows registry that occurs from spyware traces

What it Actually Does:

Paretologic was not only able to live up to its expectations, it actually surpassed them in some instances. We littered a computer full of some of the most malicious spyware programs that are in existence, many of which are probably hiding out on your own computer as well. It was able to identify every single piece of spyware that we had and removed them without a trace.

The proactive part of this program is also something that we found impressive and we enjoyed knowing that we can surf the Internet without fear of downloading more of this intrusive software.


This is one program that we highly recommend and it is even an upgrade to one of our top-rated programs that was created by the same parent company. It does an excellent job of cleaning your computer and making sure that it stays clean.

It is important to note, however, that new spyware is constantly coming out that infects our computers. No single spyware program is going to be able to recognize them all so it is necessary for you to update Paretologic with new definitions on occasion. This will help to keep your computer is clean as possible, in a world that is full of dirty little ad ware programs.

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