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How To Delete Spyware Today

It is important that you know exactly what spyware is before you can think about how to delete it from your computer. Spyware is unwanted software which collects information about you without you knowing, and it is caught through regular use of the Internet. Spyware can monitor your keystrokes, scan files on the hard drive, install other spyware programs and gather information about your email addresses, passwords and credit card numbers.

This next line is the really important part:

Spyware cannot be deleted with an Anti-Virus product because the software see's the spyware on your computer as a 'safe and trustworthy file' as it has been programmed to only detect viruses. Therefore, if you have tried to use your anti-virus product to detect and remove spyware and have had no success, you now know the reason. Consequently, you need to use an anti-spyware product to remove such threats.

It is virtually impossible to delete spyware manually, because it involves identifying the exact files within which they are lurking, and then deleting them.

Warning: Do not try this, because it will probably result in you deleting crucial files that are needed to run your computer.

You must leave all the work to an anti-spyware product. This kind of software is brilliant - it scans your entire computer (just like an anti-virus package would) and it will get rid of all spyware infections - no knowledge or action is needed on your part which is a relief. The only problem is, many of these spyware removal products only get rid of the *majority* of spyware infections. This problem is even worse with the free products, they simply have tiny spyware databases and so it leaves your computer half done. Not good.

I've purchased (and consequently refunded) 5-6 software packages. Eventually I did come across a product that deletes 99% of spyware from your computer, and it is one which I highly recommend. The most important feature it has is that if it can't delete a certain spyware virus that you have lurking on your computer, the software will send the details to the company, and they will *personally* see that it is removed.

In Summary:

Do not attempt to delete spyware from your computer manually or by yourself.

a) You will probably remove incorrect files and subsequently break your computer

b) If you do happen to erase the correct bits of spyware, you will undoubtedly miss many others lurking on your computer.

Therefore, my advice would be to use the best anti-spyware product that you can find, which can be found on reliable review sites.

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