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Q: Hi, I’ve experienced problems when paying for products online – what are the payment systems for the products that you recommend? Cheers, Tony.

A: Hi Tony,

For all of the products that I recommend, they go through a highly secure payment system called Clickbank. This company processes thousands of payments per day, and are professionals in their field. On the unbelievably *rare* occasion that payment goes wrong, their customer service will help you every step of the way.

Q: Quite often when I am using antispyware products, they get rid of loads of stuff but sometimes they can "fix everything" ie, there are still some bits of spyware on my computer! What if this happens with the products you have recommended? Anonymous

A: Hi there, if XoftspySE does not resolve all of your spyware problems then you can email their support telling them that this has happened. They will then investigate your case and help you to remove that irritable infection for you. Hope this answers your question.

Q: I don't really understand the difference between Spyware & Adware - are they the same thing or is there actually a difference? Thanks, John

A: John, please refer to the symptoms page as there is a section there where I talk about the difference between spyware & adware.