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Identify The Best Spyware Remover Programs

By now you already know that spyware is bad for your computer, and that programs which help you eliminate and prevent it are essential. You also know that spyware remover programs are a dime a dozen, and it is therefore quite difficult to determine which one to download and install.

Well, fortunately for you, we have done the work for you. Here are some of the top spyware programs you should consider.

Top Anti-Spyware Software

Spy Sweeper, Counter Spy and Paretologic Anti-Spyware all have the best set of features, are the most effect and simple to use, and are customizable and easy to set up. They also offer the best in support. They range from about $20 up to $39. Others that rate well but not as highly as those top 3 are Antispy, Spyware Doctor, Pest Patrol, Ad-aware SE / Pro, Spyware Be Gone, McAfee Anti-Spyware and Maxion Spy Killer. These other spyware remover programs range from $18 all the way up to $40.

What to Look For In Spyware Removal Programs

Now that we have identified the programs that have the best ratings and features, let's identify the criteria on which you should determine which spyware is best for you.

A good spyware remover program (anti-spyware) should have a set of tools that allows you to quickly remove spyware in a user-friendly fashion, but also thoroughly enough so that you can decide what it removes, if anything. This will help you from mistakenly allowing the program to remove something you need to keep. An “undo” feature comes in very handy for this very reason as well.

You'll also need to know which one does the job right at the end of the day. The common assumption is that this can only be determined via trial and error methodology, but word of mouth is just as capable of shedding light on what your end results will be using various anti-spyware programs.

The best options should also provide you with a simple user interface that doesn't overcomplicate things. It should properly describe what it finds, what type of threat each found element may pose to your system and privacy, and not be overly technical in those descriptions.

Another important factor is how well it allows you to customize the program so that it only does what you want and only when you want. While it's good to have a program always looking out for your best interest, you don't want a program that will bug you so often for scans and updates that it winds up standing in the way of what is truly important using your computer in the first place.

Anti-spyware (like anti-virus) should never take up more system resources than it needs to. After all, one of the main points of removing malicious processes from your system is for the sake of system efficiency and power. The anti-spyware program should carry a decidedly light load on your processor (CPU) and ram, if you are the type who monitors such things. In non-technical terms, you should notice a boost in performance after installing a good anti-spyware program not a drop, as some of the less dependable ones can cause.

Last but not least, the installation of the software should be straightforward and hassle-free. It should not ask you if you want to install other things like toolbars. If you are installing software and it prompts you to install other software or accept advertising offers, opt for different software. (Consumers making this choice will also have a positive impact on force-fed advertising in the future.) By and large, these programs are the ones that will cause you problems later.

Finally, as the old adage reminds us: What is popular is not always right and vice versa. Spy Sweeper may rank the highest, but it may or may not be your last stop. The idea is to identify the aspects that will affect your situation the most (drawing from the ones listed above) and make your choice from there. Most programs have a website which explains how they work, so you may opt to do a little simple research before you commit.

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