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The use of SpywareBot revealed a lot of problems,
and therefore we do not recommend this product.

Our Recommended Alternative: XoftSpySE

Although we heard a lot of negative things about this product whenever we were searching through the forums for feedback, we still decided that it was worth testing. Because of the nature of some of the comments that we received, we decided to run a test on two different computers. One of these computers would be our usual test PC that was full of spyware and the other would be a completely clean PC that was not even connected to the Internet.

Actual User Feedback:

"Further analysis revealed that absolutely all detected objects were actually related to fully legitimate software
installed to the test system"

Actual User Comment from 2-spyware.com

"Security professionals warn against sites that make exaggerated or deceptive claims that can potentially mislead consumers"
Actual User Comment from siteadvisor.com

"personally, I'd chuck it."
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers

"getting those fake system messages that tell him he needs to buy more software to remove the software he just installed"
Actual User Comment from experts-exchange.com


What it Claims to Do:

The SpywareBot website (now known as SpywareStop) has many familiar claims. It claims to be able to look for problems on your computer and clean them automatically. Not only that, it goes behind itself and gets rid of many of the errors that occur whenever these holes are left in your system.

After the initial cleanup, the program will run silently on your computer, blocking any future spyware invasions from occurring. It has an automatic notification window that allows you to see whenever it has blocked the program.

What it Actually Does:

Although this program was somewhat successful in cleaning up our test PC that was littered with spyware, it was not able to get the more malicious programs which were on it. We still noticed an increase in the speed of the PC and a minimization of the pop up windows, but there were some spyware programs that were left behind. Unfortunately, these spyware programs simply opened up the floodgates and allowed other programs to be installed again.

The alarming thing occurred whenever we ran SpywareStop on our clean PC. It gave us several false positives, recognizing legitimate programs as being spyware. If we had let it clean these "problems", some of these programs would have been rendered inoperable.


In conclusion, we do not recommend that you download and run this program on your computer. While it may be able to get rid of some of the spyware that exists, it is not one of the more sophisticated and up-to-date programs out there. It shows real potential and with a little bit of upgrading, it could be a great anti-spyware program. At this particular time, however, we would suggest that you go with our top-rated program XoftSpySE

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