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There certainly are a lot of options available for you whenever it comes to cleaning your computer from spyware. The tough choice comes in choosing a program that is actually going to get the job done right for you. We were impressed with some of the things that we heard about Spyware Cease so we decided to test it out on her own computers as well.

Actual User Feedback:

"provides real time protection ensuring that spyware is prevented before it sneaks into the system"
Actual User Comment from 2-spyware.com

"It runs just well for me"
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers

"One of the best features of Software Cease is the customer support that is offered"
Actual User Comment from ezinearticles.com

"amazingly efficient anti-spyware program"
Actual User Comment from squidoo


What it Claims to Do:

The Spyware Cease website makes some familiar claims but it goes beyond the regular claims of only cleaning out rogue programs. It specifies the fact that it cleans such things as passwords stealers, Trojans, hijackers and worms.

The program that scans your computer is freely available and it is on their website for you to download. Once you download the program it will begin scanning your computer immediately, running in the background until all of the files have been checked. After that, it will give you a comprehensive list of all of the things that it found wrong with your computer.

What it Actually Does:

We were extremely happy with the performance of Spyware Cease and it lived up to some of the claims that we read whenever we were doing research on the Internet. Our test computer was loaded with a number of different spyware infections, some of them which are quite difficult to clean automatically. After an initial scan, cleanse and restart of our computer we noticed increased speed and performance.

We also tested this program on our clean computer and did not receive any reported spyware problems. Many spyware programs will report false positives in order to get you to purchase the program, but Spyware Cease did not do this.


Overall, we would recommend that you try Spyware Cease because it is able to remove the harmful Adware infestations that cause computer meltdowns for many of us. It runs smoothly in the background and does not cause any system problems while it is running its initial scan. Since it also continues to run after it is cleanse the computer, it is an excellent way for you to be able to make sure that your computer stays clean.

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