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All of us have experienced problems with our computer that come from some kind of rogue program being present. These problems can range from pop-up windows that seem to cover the screen to system crashes which cost us time and frustration. That is one of the reasons why these anti-spyware programs are so popular, and Spyware Nuker seems to be a favorite among many individuals who tend to pick up these programs in their surfing activities. What did we discover after we tested it for ourselves?

Actual User Feedback:

"detected and removed virtually all spyware in our tests"
Actual User Comment from ezinearticles.com

"it found a lot of problems some other software didn't pick up"
Actual User Comment from siteadvisor.com

"easy to use anti-spyware application that does what you would expect of it"
Actual User Comment from spyware-adware-remover.com

"let you manually select what needs to be deleted after a scan, the quarantine option, the restore option, the active protection that works real-time"
Actual User Comment from squidoo.com


What it Claims to Do:

One of the things that Spyware Nuker seems to go after are the programs which steal your information quietly in the background. These are some of the dirtiest spyware programs that are in existence because they not only watch for credit card numbers, passwords and any other personal information, they also invite other spyware programs to come in through backdoors that they create.

Of course, the program also cleans a wide variety of system problems that you may be experiencing from these rogue programs. One of the most interesting things that they offer, however, is a free pop-up blocker if they fail to clean your computer as stated. Here's what we discovered about the program.

What it Actually Does:

As usual, our test computer was loaded full of some of the nastiest spyware that we could find. It included everything from Trojans to worms, passwords stealers and some adware programs that are difficult to remove automatically. We downloaded the free software off of the Spyware Nuker website and allowed it to run the scan.

The program ran silently in the background and we did not notice any significant bogging down of our system while the program was running. After it went through all of the files on the system, it provided us with a list of the problems that it discovered. We allowed the program to clean our computer automatically and then did the compulsory reboot.

Not only did windows start faster, something that was certainly a positive, it was also able to get rid of almost all of the spyware programs that were running on the computer. We no longer had any of the pop-up windows that we are experiencing and our programs opened and closed smoothly.


If you are having a problem with spyware or even if you just suspect that you might have spyware on your computer, we would recommend that you download Spyware Nuker and allow it to check your computer for these rogue programs. You would probably be surprised with what is able to find and then with just a simple click of the button, you can restore your computer back to the speed and performance that you had whenever you brought it home from the store.

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