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SpywareRemover Anti-Spyware Review

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The use of SpywareRemover revealed a lot of problems,
and therefore we do not recommend this product.

Our Recommended Alternative: XoftSpySE

SpywareRemover seem to be similar to a lot of the other spyware removal programs that were out there. It had many of the same offers on the website, and it looked to be a top rate program. Then we really started to take a look at it. The more we read about this particular product, the more it intrigued us that people could hate a product that was designed to help them more than this one. Here is a little bit about our own independent testing with the program.

Actual User Feedback:

"it is a bogus program"
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers

"Using this to protect your PC is like using a running chainsaw to protect a tree from being cut down."
Actual User Comment from siteadvisor.com

"SpywareRemover is a rogue anti-spyware program that is advertised through the use of malware"
Actual User Comment from bleepingcomputer.com

"Spyware Remover 2009 is the problem that needs to be removed. It is non-functional program, unless you call pop-ups a useful function"
Actual User Comment from 2-spyware.com


What it Claims to Do:

The website was pretty straight forward with what it offered. It would start with a scan of your computer that would help to identify any problems that might exist on it. It would then go about the business of cleaning those problems off of your computer and closing any holes that may have been left in the process. Finally, it offered to run on your computer in the background and alert you to any future problems that may have occurred.

What it Actually Does:

The downside of using this particular program is the fact that many people could categorize this as being a spyware program itself. More specifically, it would be a malware program that held your computer hostage until you shelled out the money to buy the upgrade. It would scan your computer and identify some problems that were on it, but then it would not leave you alone until you broke out your credit card.

While testing this on our own computer, we experienced the same windows that were popping up, telling us that there were problems on our computer and that we needed SpywareRemover to take care of them for us. We didn't even bother giving it the opportunity to do so, there are far too many legitimate programs out there for us to purchase this one.


In a nutshell, we would suggest that you stay as far away from SpywareRemover as possible. It is not a program that we recommend and it is not one that we would use if we were having problems with malicious spyware.

The use of SpywareRemover revealed a lot of problems,
and therefore we do not recommend this product.

Our Recommended Alternative: XoftSpySE

Recent Version History:

Recent Version History:

SpywareRemover 1.1

SpywareRemover 2007

Current Version:
SpywareRemover 2008

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