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Top Tips To Remove All Spyware From Your PC

Spyware is all the rage these days (rage being an ironically appropriate word, in more ways than one)! It's quite angering when you realize how many programs are running on your computer without your consent. And it begs the question of where they came from.

Where Does Spyware Come From

Some spyware is installed when you are installing other programs. If it's been said a million times before, it bears repeating: PAY ATTENTION when you install things. Don't just click Yes or Next at every dialog.

And when a website says, This website wants to install an Active X or something similar, make sure you trust the site you're on before you install it. If it's some random site you encountered through a search result, chances are, it may not be trustworthy. If it's Microsoft or something, no problem! Just be careful. Also, consider what you're doing and whether it's important enough to warrant the installation of something. It's almost guaranteed you can get the info you're looking for from a site that does not install anything in order for you to get it.

On With the Tips Already! 

Spyware can disguise itself as scripts, programs, parts of installations and otherwise. So the main remedy is prevention. That is the top tip!

The second most important tip to remove all spyware from your PC is to check what is installed. Go to START Control Panel Add/Remove programs. Browse that list and uninstall what you don't need. Search Google if you don't recognize certain programs. If you recognize the manufacturer of the program (such as Microsoft or the brand of your computer) it is probably ok to leave those installed. Do not uninstall things unless you are 100% sure they are not supposed to be there!

A third tip is not to install programs at all that are free downloads. If you do choose to find free programs online, you are taking the risk that such programs aren't free at all. They may be monetarily free, but that doesn't mean you are getting a free ride in terms of spyware. Chances are these programs may install processes (spyware) that compromise your privacy, security, and even the functionality and performance of your PC.

The fourth recommendation is to install a great spyware remover program to help automatically identify and uninstall annoying and dangerous programs and processes. You can also do this manually if you research it, so make sure you are doing your part. Don't rely exclusively on third-party software to maintain your computer. Owning a computer is like owning a vehicle: you need to know how to take care of it, keep it healthy, and make it last. These things don't come in the form of one or two simple anti-spyware or anti-virus programs. They come from your diligence and only a moment here or there.

Fifthly, and this is going to sound like a plug for major brands, but it can be true: Make the investment and purchase top software instead of the al-cheapo stuff. This can actually help. It is not always the case, but more often than not the discount software is inexpensive because they are making their money from other third parties who pay them to proliferate onto everyone's computers spyware and viruses. Your personal info is valuable to companies who may or may not use it against you.

Always Think Outside of the Box!

One recommendation that, again, could never be said enough is to be proactive and take full initiative with your computer. You should be in control of your computer, not the other way around! And stop the mindset of I'm not a computer geek. Becoming good with computers is the result of the age-old practice-makes-perfect concept! Experiment, research, and keep an open mind.

If you get frustrated with something you want your computer to do or not do, research it. Ask Google your question. You'll be surprised how many things will come up. (Perhaps that's how you got here!) If your favorite search engine doesn't help, call or stop into your local computer shop. (This is not the big chain store that puts you on hold for ten years the LOCAL one!). Inquire about the price of an accessory you've been considering anyway, making it worth their while. Then ask them your question. You'd be amazed how much free help and advice you can get. Many computer-oriented people are passionate about it and love to help others even when a dollar sign isn't attached.

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