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Paretologic XoftSpySE Review:

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XoftSpySE is a product created by Paretologic, who are very well respected when it comes to computer security software. XoftSpySE is a much more advanced and updated version of its sister product XoftSpy which was released some years ago.

Looking forward to putting this one through its paces, especially considering all the good things that we heard about it.

Actual User Feedback:

"It really made my computer run faster, I noticed my computer was running slower than usual so I ran this again and it found a couple things"
Actual User Comment from download.com

"XoftSpySE is fortunately the real deal. I rely on it a lot now to keep my system secure."
Actual User Comment from Yahoo Answers

"I found it to be a fast, streamlined piece of software, with a immense dictionary of known spyware programs"
Actual User Comment from squidoo.com

"XoftSpySE also found a high number of "accurate" spyware threats"
Actual User Comment from ezinearticles.com


What it Claims to Do:

XoftSpySE not only is able to sniff out any malicious programs that are on your computer, it is able to clean them and then to close up any security loopholes that may have been left behind. This not only includes full programs but it also includes a lot of the traces that tend to get left within the Windows registry. With a database of well over 260,000 threats (and updating regularly), you are well protected and ready to surf the Internet at will.

What it Actually Does:

Our test PC was so full of spyware and malicious programs that it barely started. We made sure that it had a lot of the dirtiest spyware that is available, just to see if XoftSpySE was able to live up to its reputation.

The installation was a breeze and it was able to identify a long list of problems on our computer. After the cleanup process and a quick restart, we are happy to report that all of the spyware was gone. Our computer started quickly and we were able to surf the Internet without all of those annoying pop-up windows that were always crowding out our screen. Best of all, it was able to identify problems as they came up and it was able to withstand anything that we threw at it.


There's a reason why XoftSpySE is our top program... It Works! If you are plagued by spyware and other malicious software programs that are wreaking havoc on your computer, this is the solution. Not only will it be able to clean the spyware off of your computer, it will have you up and running again as if it was brand-new. We love how quickly our test computer runs and now this is the spyware remover of choice that we use on all of our computers.

Recent Version History:

XoftSpySE v4

XoftSpySE 4.29

XoftSpySE 4.31

XoftSpySE 4.32

XoftSpySE 4.33

Current Version:

XoftSpySE 4.33

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